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Teaching Medicine Wheel


Gathering to look into the cycles of life using the 6 directions of the Medicine Wheel, East, South, West, and North, Father Sky and Mother Earth. It is a wholistic approach in helping one realize the self using the elements, the colors, the animal symbols and the seasons.

We walk through the four directions and go in detail through the teachings of the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. The teachings of Earth, Water, Fire and Air bring us closer to realizing our connection to these elements. The colors Red, Yellow, Blue and White teach us about the four races and how we are all connected to the center, Mother Earth. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter bring us to an understanding of the cycles of life where each season is a 25-year cycle in one’s life.

Each of the directions has an animal symbol, the Eagle in the East, which sees the big picture, the Mouse or Coyote in the South, which capture the present moment, and can also be the trickster, the Bear in the West which goes within as the healer, and the White Buffalo in the North, which is the Spirit of all things.

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