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Our Story

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All My Relations Teachings was established by Phil Mechuskosis L’Hirondelle in the early 90’s with the opening of his All My Relations store. This came after many years of training with his Native Elders. 


The Teachings started shortly after the opening with the talking circles in the back of his store. A community of people of all races has been formed around these teachings. The community changed over the years. People come and go as they please, learn the teachings for their personal development and healing and then move on.


These teachings are based on the All My Relations prayer, the Two-legged, the Four-legged, the Ones That Fly, the Ones That Swim, the Ones That Crawl, the Rooted Nation, the Rock People, and the Star Nation. This prayer calls upon ALL the creations and show that we are all related and created equal in the eyes of the Creator.


Mechuskosis is now taking these teachings around the world as he believes in their purity and strength. We have taken our teachings to Bali, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Stockholm, Sweden and it has proved the great need for these Sacred teachings in other communities around the world. He also believes that a lot of people can benefit from learning these First Nations teachings. They bring healing, personal development, and help build an environmentally conscious mind in a sacred and safe way. 


Mechuskosis believes that the world can be a better place by teaching any generation a better way of life and a better way of walking through this life. These teachings tend to deliver a pure way of life with no drugs and alcohol, with a respect for Mother Earth and the Environment, as well as a deep love and respect for the other.


He offers many ceremonies and programs for every age group and every venue that is needed, personal consultation or group sessions for schools and corporations.

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